International Ship and Port Security : A charge to help maintain the port and the ships whitin secure.
Liner In/Liner Out: loading and unloading of the container in and from the ship is included in the freight rate.
Port of Delivery
Port of Loading.
Detailed overview of all possible charges of a terminal. They are sent with each offer or can be obtained upon simple request.
A sea waybill is used in stead of a Bill of Lading for straight consignments whenever a letter of credit or similar banking arrangement is not involved in the sale of goods. The cargo cannot be traded or sold during the transport.
Sulpher Emission Control Area: Since 2015, the sulpher emission of in the North Sea is restricted to 0.1% of the total emisson of a vessel. To help to cover the investments that ship owners and operators made to comply to the SECA-rule, a surcharge is included in the sea freight.

Terminal Handling Charge: The costs that terminals charge for handlng the container. All our quotes (unless otherwise stated) inlude the lift from the truck/train/barge upon arrival into the stack in the port of loading and the lift from the stack onto the vessel. In the port of discharge, the lift from the vessel into the stack and from the stack onto the truck/train/barge are inluded, as well as their standard number of days of free storage on quay. Any other service from the terminal will be charged as per port tariff.


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